Service and Maintenance

Our service team performs leak repairs, preventative maintenance, and roof inspections on hundreds of local buildings. Our inspection reports are clear and easy to understand, and show you where there are issues on your roof that should be addressed. Many roof leaks and premature roof failure can be prevented through periodic inspection and maintenance of the roof system. The sun and harsh weather take their toll on roof systems, and proper maintenance is essential to maximize the lifespan of your roof system.

Types of Roofs We Service


We service single-ply EPDM (rubber) roofs with tape seams and white PVC and TPO roofs with head-welded seams.


We service metal roofs available in aluminum and steel with factory paint finishes, copper, lead-coated copper, and stainless steel.


We service green roofing that is eco-friendly and utilizes a living environment for plants and vegetation.


We service built-up asphalt roofs with various surfacing types including aluminum coatings, pea gravel, and modified bitumen cap sheets.